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Privacy Policy

We protect your privacy!

Your personal information is important to us, and we’ve taken every liberty to ensure what’s private, remains private.

Island Reels Casino guarantees:

Not to sell, give away, or otherwise communicate your personal or corporate information to any other persons or companies, except as necessary to provide you with the very best in service and products.

To use your personal data to provide you with information or materials only if you requested it. To provide you, the customer, with the opportunity to remove your information from our database, at your request. Furthermore, Island Reels Casino does not endorse Spam. We adhere to strict privacy and anti-spam policies. Only registered players and parties that have selected the "Opt In" button on campaigns are placed on our email lists.

Cookies Policy

Island Reels uses both persistent (longer term) and session specific (shorter term) cookies. A cookie is a file/s of data containing a unique identifier. A cookie is passed by a web server to a web browser and is in turn stored by that browser. This unique identifier is then returned to the server every time your browser requests a page/data from that particular server. Cookies are used to store your preferences and ensure you are provided with a better experience. Cookies also assist analyse traffic to a webpage, providing valuable information to optimize a webpage, display preferred or relevant content, as well as provide insight into marketing initiatives. NOTE: A cookie cannot provide us with any information that personally identifies you through your browser or PC.